The Author

Gavin grew up in Paarl, in South Africa’s Western Cape Province, an area renowned for its scenic beauty and viticulture. Whether it was the scenery, drinking his parents’ wine on the sly, or being surrounded by the smell of  fresh ink and the hum (not the smelly kind) of his father’s printing presses—or all of the above—Gavin  felt strangely inspired to start writing when he was twelve years old.

“My father gave me this old Underwood Standard. I’ll never forget it. It had a sticky ‘s’ key that would periodically instigate a maul of type hammers and shredded ribbon.”

Gavin called that story ‘The Black Pearl’...He was inordinately proud of it even though he’d included every cliché known. Fortunately after a month or so, the lure of the great outdoors proved far more attractive than pounding away on an old typewriter, so young Gavin’s first story never saw the light of day. And the literary gods breathed mighty sighs of relief.

Gavin practised as an architect for many years until he finally got it right, but this took up so much time that any thoughts of giving writing another go were put on the backburner. He also trained under the Red Cross and was a volunteer paramedic for several years, serving with the National Sea Rescue Institute on numerous rescue missions. Through sheer luck, he didn’t drop or kill any patients.

While his reputation was still intact Gavin and family relocated in 2001 to Christchurch, New Zealand. He thinks it was a particular snowy blast of alpine air going straight to his head which germinated the seed of what was to become his debut novel, Colour of Greed. Gavin’s family however believe the catalyst was probably the two bottles of Merlot that he guzzled when he turned fifty.